Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just read this to understand what this is all about. Ans is YES

"Yet, these record labels that have had to weather lawsuits brought by their own artists have the hut spur to tell the radio industry that, by virtue of its existing performance right exemption, radio is not living up to its moral obligation to pay recording artists". William Velez http//billboard.biz/bbbiz/others/guest-post-william-velez-s-open-letter-to-1005044252.story
Yes Mr. Velez you do have moral obligation and further when you state  objection to this and say it's a "sound recording performance right burden."

We say compensating the creator is as old a burden that exist even predating  common law and that is the The concept of a concession.  
(what God [or his representative the King] gives, he cannot capriciously take away) *.* the right of usufruct, the right of peaceful use and possession, the right to rule the land and reap the fruits of its labours. www.robertknutson.com
The creators of music are just that CREATORS and they have RIGHTS which you cannot dismiss Mr. Velez as creators they deserve the right to receive full preformance of the same quality (i.e.  money or at least an exchange of value) from those that benefit from the use of their creation as they didn't set up to create this to have it be used by third parties to run a highly profitable business.

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